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James ParkerNombre: James Parker
País: United Arab Emirates
Introducción: Since December 8 2011 I have lived in the UAE, originally in Abu Dhabi, the capital but for the last year in Dubai. I have been interested in photography since I was 18. I mainly take photographs when I travel and I am lucky to be able to travel fairly often. To date I have visited around 170 countries - 203 if you use the Century List.

I have two degrees in Geography, so I am quite interested in all aspects of the world. For my PhD I studied a small area of the North Pennines and looked at the influence of climate, vegetation, rocks, soils and the influence of human activity, both social and political on the development of the landscape (for instance. the Union of the Crowns [not Parliaments] after the death of Elizabeth I had a major impact on how the present landscape looks). So, in short, I know a little about a lot!!

After finishing my research I became a teacher, eventually becoming Deputy Head, then moved into consultancy - I now work with government agencies.

For years I used Pentax, but moved to Canon because Pentax just did not have the lense range. Until I went digital I used two Canon 1vhs bodies and a variety of lenses.

I went digital about four and a half years ago. After a couple of 'point-and-shoots' I moved to the Canon 10D and then quickly to the 1D MkII - I already had the full range of Canon lenses so did not consider any other make. I now have a 1Ds MkII as well. I am not ab great expert with Photoshop CS2 and am still learning. Apart from Levels, the main thing I do is cropping and cloning (sensor blemishes mainly).

My interest in travel was stimulated by two TV programmes when I was a boy. The first was 'Zoo Quest' presented by David Attenborough (Later presenter of 'Life on Earth', 'Living Planet', Trials of Life', 'Life of Mammals' etc), this was a black and white tv programme where he went in search of animals for London Zoo - I remember being terrified when he went in search of the Komodo Dragon! (It is largely as a result of these programmes I have visited some of the more remote locations - ie the 'Dry' Valleys of Antarctica). The second was 'Blue Peter' (for non-UK this is a children's magazine programme which has been running for 50 years - I am exactly one year older than the programme). Every summer, when the programme was off air, the presenters went on a summer expedition - and my friends and I got terribly excited and would try to guess where they were going (how times have changed)!

Undoubtedly the worst shot on here is the one of me - taken with my Ixus at arms length!

Thanks for all the kind comments
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Jamesp Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1369 W: 9 N: 6334] (18906)
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Jamesp Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1369 W: 9 N: 6334] (18906)
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Jamesp Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1369 W: 9 N: 6334] (18906)
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