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Nombre: Jose Juan Rodriguez
País: United States
Introducción: My name is Jose Juan Rodriguez, born in Puerto Rico. Now I live in Gurnee,Illinois,USA, where I practice respiratory therapy in a local hospital. My interest in photography started when I was doing undergraduate studies on animal behaviour. Specifically rhesus monkeys. Gradually it continued, and my best interest is in mother nature. Always carry my Sony camera everywhere. Hope you like some of the pictures I included in Treknature. Glad to find this place and be able to communicate with so many people.
Miembro desde: 2006-03-13
Cámara: Sony Cybershot DSC-P72
Nota: Ninguno
Vista: 4753
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Random photos
United States
Title: El Yunque rainforest
El Yunque rainforest
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United States
Title: Beach beauty
Beach beauty
cheguan (66)
United States
Title: Wild flower
Wild flower (2)
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